24 January 2014

Saracens Zone - suggested plan to appease residents

a helping hand

Mr Mustard has just appealed a PCN for the Saracens Event day zone for someone who lives within in and evidently didn't realise, at the time, that he did so. The appeal will doubtless get rejected (AG28544536 if the council want instead to save themselves the £40 PATAS fee and Mr Mustard the time spent going to Angel and back) and the motorist now knows and won't get ticketed again as he has the necessary free permit & vouchers for visitors.

Mr Mustard knows that the ward councillors are getting enormous grief from residents and if this isn't all about the money Mr Mustard knows how to calm things down.

If the "offending" motorist is from outside of the borough then the appeal process should take its course with the PCN being judged on its merits.

If the motorist is from within the borough then they should have their PCN cancelled the first time and they should be sent a map of the zone and a list of match dates (a complete and correct one obviously) so they don't transgress again.

If the motorist lives within the ED zone then all ED zone PCN should be cancelled and they should be issued with an ED permit the cost of which is payable by Saracens. If necessary a dispensation can be granted whilst the permit is processed. The council themselves can check where the vehicle is registered as part of the PCN process so it shouldn't take long.

Any car with a permit for a different CPZ zone shouldn't be ticketed either but an information pack should be placed on their car to encourage them to apply for an ED zone permit (whoever decided that one car needed 2 permits put the council's administrative organisational problem before the convenience of residents - which was just wrong).

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

Just for the record Mr Mustard has rather sloppily used "appeal" as the word to describe representations made to the council or a "challenge" as it is also known. An Appeal is the correct word for the, usually, third stage of trying to get the PCN cancelled when you file a Notice of Appeal with PATAS. Everyone understands what is generally meant by appeal though.

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