8 January 2014

Residents' forums / fora

Interesting choice of venue, the Crown Moran Hotel, about as far west as you can get without leaving the borough. The church hall at Golders Green seemed perfectly fine to Mr Mustard, central within the constituency and with very good transport links.

Who thought up those email addresses? whoever it was needs to think again and use:



  1. To reach the Crown Moran Hotel, many will travel along Cricklewood Lane.

    Admire the green space on the right, in front of B&Q - because Barnet wants it concreted over, as part of the Brent Cross scheme.

    In fact, it is on the SAME planning application as the shopping centre, A MILE AWAY, so it is a fit-up.

  2. It is Forums only.

    It is not Fora, which is Greek.


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