27 September 2019

Heading towards a computer monopoly

If you have a Formal Notice of Rejection of Representations (you having challenged a postal PCN or a Notice to Owner or an Enforcement Notice for an alleged bus lane contravention) from Barnet Council it will now contain the above section. Not all that long ago you were sent the Appeal Form with the Notice of Rejection but not any longer. Although it is the case that many people use the on line service to start their tribunal appeal not everyone is au fait with computers and the elderly or disabled are less likely to use them. You now have to phone up for a manual form, and your 28 days start to expire. Mr Mustard thinks that the move towards forcing everyone to do everything on line is a retrograde step. There should be choice which includes using the Royal Mail.

What Mr Mustard would like you to do is to start phoning for an Appeal Form (even if you plan to use the on line system) as he wants to test how efficient it is. When you phone up you might get voicemail so just leave a message. If you get a person, give them your PCN reference and car registration and they should send a form to you the same day. Please let Mr Mustard know afterwards how long it took for the form to reach you.

Whilst we are discussing Notices of Rejection if yours does not offer the discount for paying you would be giving money away for possibly nothing if you meekly pay up at this stage. Far better to send a copy to mrmustard@zoho.com and Mr Mustard will start your Appeal on line and be your representative at the tribunal hearing (he goes there often!) as you have nothing to lose. The proviso is that if Mr Mustard saves the day for you, you will send at least £25 to the North London Hospice (if you are poor you don't have to do the donating part, you could give time as a volunteer if you have it or goods to sell if you are having a clear-out).

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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