7 February 2018

Suspension of common sense

It is fair enough to start the suspension at midnight so that residents can move their cars well before the pantechnicon arrives at 7am so it has the necessary room to park but why oh why oh why suspend the bay until 1 minute to midnight? by which time the removals van will be long gone, and in this case it was done by lunch time.

What the council should do is give the residents of the property the authority to remove the suspension signs once the van leaves and this would achieve the double objective of giving the van the necessary space and not inconvenience other residents for longer than absolutely necessary. Mr Mustard wouldn't of course suggest getting your cutters out, removing redundant suspension signs and put council employees out of a job.

This suggestion will not be taken up by Barnet Council.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

1 comment:

  1. When we moved house, we paid Barnet Council the not-inconsiderable fee to have one of these put up outside our house.

    One of our new neighbours ignored it. This, as you can imagine, was very inconvenient for the movers who had to park as best they could, then shuttle their lorry backwards and forwards whenever someone needed to get past.

    If we'd called the council, they would have ticketed the car. It wouldn't have been moved. And the council would have kept all the money.

    So we paid for a service we didn't get - and didn't feel that arranging a fine for a new neighbour was the best solution.

    (We know whose car it is now - but we didn't then. It's hardly a good start in a new home to go up and down the street searching for the driver of a badly parked car...)


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