15 February 2018

The misery ends ouside Sainsbury's at Heath Parade in Grahame Park Way

and so after an eternity it came to pass that the council finally adopted a section of land which they had owned in the recent past and sold off only for them to take it back again, by adoption. An expensive exercise for thousands of members of the public who were snuck up on by 'Mrs Sunglasses' and received a parking charge notice in the post.
Mr Mustard was down that way yesterday and so took some photographs of the new layout.

looks much the same as a year ago from a distance, you park where Mr Mustard's black Audi is, inside one of the four marked spaces.

The loading bay sign seems to have gone walkabout already

at last Sainsbury's do something useful; they were no help before except to let Mrs Sunglasses shelter in the shop between her ticketing raids

a pretty new clear sign
Mr Mustard is pleased to see the arrival of the council at this location, yes really.

He is pleased to see the departure of Mrs Sunglasses.

copyright: Bald Eagle of NoToMob fame
If you have parking charge notices you are fighting at this location you can get help at PePiPoo or at the BMPA.

You now have time, in the 30 minute slots to buy a loaf of bread and a pint of milk. The 30 minutes is far more useful than the 15 minutes which is all you get in High Barnet High Street's shared use loading/free bays. Perhaps they will be changed to 30 minutes one day?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

Gosh: two good news stories in two days concerning Barnet Council. What is the world coming to.


  1. Is not an election imminent in Barnet ? This surely explains Why the council are keen to demonstrate their concern for Joe Public. Or am I being cynical about Barnet council; surely not !!

  2. The fifteen minutes is actually twenty-four minutes because they can't issue until someone has overstayed for ten minutes.


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