28 February 2017

On line Appeals to tribunal now possible for Barnet PCN

No-one told Mr Mustard, the biggest user of the London Tribunals Appeals system when it comes to Barnet PCN, that he could now make the Appeals on line rather than submit the paper Appeal form. He found out by idling through recent FOI responses. The Notice of Rejection did not tell him this but he did happen to have an Appeal to raise and he has now done so on line. This has saved Mr Mustard the £1.74 signed for postage cost (which will increase the amounts donated to the hospice as this was an out of pocket expense that Mr Mustard would retain from donations made via him) and the council about £3 as the tribunal charge for on line Appeals is lower than for paper ones. Everyone's a winner (except the council who usually lose the Appeals!).

There is now no excuse for you, yes you, not to make an Appeal when you get your Notice of Rejection. Do it on line the same day. You don't need to add anything new in the reasons box, just put 'as representations'.

This is the link to the on line system to make a new appeal.

Happy appealing. Treat the tribunal visit (you are going to appear in person aren't you as you get better results on the whole) as a fun day out. There is plenty to do in the Chancery Lane area and thereabouts.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. No doubt there are a few City watering holes in and around Chancery Lane ! One can drink a toast for a successful appeal, or drown one's sorrows if turned down.


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