4 February 2017

Blue badges and no loading

Here is an email which Mr Mustard sent to parking management on 3 February.

On xx January at 17:00 CEO xxx served a PCN as they believed that a contravention of waiting where there was a loading restriction had occurred. In order for a contravention to be made out there must be both a sign which states what the restriction is and lines, in this case, to demarcate the affected area.

There are no kerb marks at the location to bring the sign to a driver's attention and so there is no basis on which the CEO could form a belief.

This is an example what the kerb marks look like.

They should be placed every 3m or so in order that there is always one alongside a car.

The contract with NSL says this

The contract has not been adhered to. My client has now been put to time, trouble & worry.

Please apologise for the incorrect issue of a PCN and make a compensation payment of £55.

On the same day the council wisely decided to cancel the PCN. They ignored the request for compensation so that will lead to a follow up email.

This blog post is to remind blue badge holders that if loading is prohibited the blue badge does not save them, blue badge holders cannot park where loading is not allowed.

Currently, two NSL employees are going all over High Barnet putting beautiful kerb marks up and across the kerb, you cannot now miss them. Just remember what they mean.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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