16 December 2014

No marks for not answering the question on the paper

What is the point of a council meeting? Isn't it to consider important local matters?

What is the point of questions to the Leader of the Council?
To hold him to account for his team's actions and to inform the public by publishing them.

This all seems to have been forgotten in tonight's full Council meeting. Here, read the questions and mostly non-answers for yourselves.

Mr Mustard started reading.

Q1. A sucking up type question by a new councillor. (The park have had to go to charity for funds which it is the duty of the council to provide). No need as the council will shout about this from the rooftops on twitter, in the local papers etc.

Q2. Not an answer. A standard diversionary tactic in the second sentence. What Labour would do we'll only find out should they come to power. Rather petty by Richard, Mr Mustard thought.

Q3. But what will Richard actually do about the Open Space. Nothing informative here.

Q4. The question simply hasn't been answered. Mr Mustard doesn't think there have been any prosecutions for fly-tipping in recent years otherwise the council would have done a press release saying how marvellous they were.

Q5 &Q6. Properly answered.

Q7. What was the point in this question?

Q8. Not answered.

Q9. So if it always dealt with swiftly why do we need to step up efforts? Some figures about the number of incidents by month might have been more informative as well as doing something about catching the perpetrators.

Q10. You might eventually see an answer. It should have been here.

Q11. Pavement parking is already banned across the whole of London. Does Cllr Gordon not know this?

As there are 143 questions (more than usual) let's just consider the poorer ones.

Q13. Cllr Gordon again shows he doesn't know enough about the Council.

Q14. Not answered the size questions as the responses would be too embarrassing. Appropriate is in the eye of the beholder.

Q15. Should a routine council service really be the subject of a question to full council.

Q16. In which case Richard you should have asked Cllr Rawlings to clarify his question so that you could do him the courtesy of a proper answer.

Q17. Ah, a question from the councillor who voted to move a meeting to clash with the Labour Party Conference. This looks like another politically inspired act of no use to residents.

Q19. More petty politics.

Q20. Mr Mustard has his money on the overall take being higher.

Q21. More petty politics. It can't be irresponsible to follow the council constitution unless the constitution itself is irresponsible.

more later but read the rest and see how appalling it is.

Residents have been badly served by these partial answers.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


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