6 December 2014

A typical request for Mr Mustard - the question of boarding passengers

Sadly, this is a typical request for Mr Mustard:


I have an elderly neighbour in her 90s. A kind gentleman earlier this afternoon came to take her out. There were no spaces anywhere near her house in Redacted Road, Finchley so he parked on a single yellow line,just at the end of the usual spaces, 2 houses away from hers and went to collect her from her home. She is very frail, and walks with a zimmer. When he came back with the lady, he saw a traffic warden giving him a ticket. He spoke to the warden, but he just walked away. (this is pretty standard and very wrong)

1. Isn’t it free parking in Barnet today?
2. Aren’t they supposed to wait for a while before issuing a ticket? Had he waited a few minutes he would have seen the man helping the lady to walk to the car.
3. What should he do?

and this was Mr Mustard's reply: 

Oh dear. What a nice man and what a rotten borough we live in.

1          Only in pay to park bays. There are probably extra PCN in residents bays to make up for it.

2          You are usually allowed 2 minutes for boarding and alighting and longer for the very young, the disabled and the elderly who should be allowed the reasonable time it takes. The zimmer frame is worth a few minutes.

3          He should fill out the attached form and give me the PCN. A letter from the 90 year old lady would be of help. We might also complain about the traffic warden who should have made a note about the passenger boarding.

Tell him I do this in aid of the North London Hospice but he is obviously charity minded so doesn't need to specifically donate for my help. Just make sure he knows I do this for free.

Best regards

Mr Mustard

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