25 December 2014

Merry Christmas everybody

There are always at least a couple of parking messages to Mr Mustard on bank holidays from the unsure so to save a call or txt here are the rules.

The rules for today are the most liberal of any day in the year.

So today you can park on double yellow lines but don't stay on them beyond midnight and don't park on a blind bend etc.

Today you can drive in the bus lanes even though you don't need to as the roads won't be like a normal Thursday. Tomorrow you will be posted a PCN if you drive in a bus lane at the wrong time even if there isn't a bus in sight for miles and miles.

Double parking means that the whole car is more than 50cm from the kerb (and not in a marked bay) which is lazy & untidy parking at the very least. Please be neat & tidy.

Here's to 2015. If you are a member of a residents group, the WI, a motoring group etc. think about booking a 20 minute talk now from Mr Mustard on the subject of:

- How to park so that you don't ever get a PCN (covers the main failings)
- How to read signs & lines
- How to fight your PCN all the way to PATAS

Yours festively

Mr Mustard

1 comment:

  1. Useless post. Everybody should know that white zig-zag and double parking can be still enforced by police so that's the only place (apart of any other obstruction not enforced by local authorities) where you can get a ticket. Shame on you Mr Mustard but at least you said don't park on a blind bend.


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