28 December 2014

Hospital Parking - Pay & Dismay (Credit: Andrew Boff AM)

What a pleasant surprise for Mr Mustard to stumble over. A well written short report on hospital parking which Mr Mustard is pleased to reproduce, with due credit to Andrew Boff AM, to a slightly wider audience.

Mr Mustard completely agrees that pay on exit is the fairest method of payment and that reliance on pay-by-phone excludes certain sections of society.

Barnet Hospital doesn't come out very well in this report and Mr Mustard ponders as to what the GLA can actually do to improve the situation (and they might as well bear down on Local Authority parking at the same time as Barnet Council subsidise council tax by issuing tens of thousands of PCN).

The perennial problem is that hospitals usually want more money and parking is an easy source to tap.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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