26 September 2014

No messing with the NoToMob

Mr Mustard likes to ride with the lads and lasses of the NoToMob when he has the time. They are an incredibly talented and hard working bunch of people with disparate skills and a common desire to stop parking contraventions being driven by councils' need for revenue.

As soon as POPLA was mooted one of the mob was on the phone to Mr Mustard and an awful lot of work has been going on behind the scenes, away from motorbikes and cameras by others who work tirelessly on technical matters. Mr Mustard claims no credit for this blog post, all the hard work has been done by others.

One thread of the work has now ended up with these documents, published by London Councils, a sort of council overlord for London.

eh? no financial implications, oh Mr Mustard thinks there are

and this extract from the Governance report isn't pretty reading

so how does this affect Barnet Council?

Well, it affects every council in London as rather than immediately abandoning all thought of continuing to run POPLA the officers at London Councils are trying to get each and every councillor on the TEC (Transport and Environment Committee) to delegate the power from their council to enable them to carry on. Problems created by Parking on Private Land (Appeals) has got nothing to do with Barnet Council as they have PATAS to adjudicate on council parking tickets and this is just letting a quango get involved in something they shouldn't be involved in.

Mr Mustard wrote to our parking councillor, Dean Cohen, some time ago when a sort of select committee of the TEC decided what route to go down and Dean did write back to Mr Mustard to say he wasn't part of that decision but he does have to be part of the next one (possibly on the agenda, not yet published, of the meeting of 16 October). Mr Mustard will ask him in a new email not to delegate power to London Councils to get involved in non core business. 

There is nothing in it for the residents of Barnet.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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