30 September 2014

Credit where due

bottom of picture cropped to remove the vehicle registration
The poor disabled lady who received this PCN was crying her eyes out as she had correctly put her blue badge out on show and mysteriously the traffic warden did not take a full camera shot of her windscreen or one through either side window. Doubtless his/her notes would have contained the abbreviations AWC (All windows checked) and NBBS (no blue badge seen) or similar.

Mr Mustard didn't know whether this was accidental or deliberate but he did check two previous PCN issued by this particular traffic warden. They both had full shots of the windscreen and of side windows so he was doubtful as to the legitimacy of this PCN.

Mr Mustard sent it to the parking process manager and 12 hours later the PCN has been cancelled and the poor evidence will be discussed with NSL at the next management meeting so fair play to the Barnet Council manager. It must be a nightmare trying to control NSL at a distance. The council have saved themselves from wasting a £40 fee (for a £60 PCN) for a PATAS hearing by accepting the challenge at the earliest possible point.

The council parking managers do get caused a lot of work by Mr Mustard but they know that he knows what is going on in parking enforcement and that he plays with a straight bat, so they listen to him and hopefully parking enforcement will be the winner i.e. it will be fairer. If this traffic warden has cheated, and been caught, they will think twice before doing such a trick again.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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