19 October 2013

Verify Verrus

Mr Mustard receives the Barnet Times through his letterbox each Friday morning (but sadly not the Barnet Press). He finds the letters page a source of amusement, joy and information (an excellent letter from Green Party Poppy about recycling is worth your attention) and this one on parking charges

So what did Mr Mustard do next? He looked on google streetview to find a PayByPhone sign and came up with a location adjacent to the park of 5895. He then started to make a payment for a 90 minute stay at that location and here is the screenshot from his phone

Let's put aside for the moment that £3 (and 10p for a reminder that your time is running out, a service which probably costs Verrus less than 1p) to feed the ducks and have a little stroll is a bit rich and note the absence of any opportunity to pay for more than 1 session of parking (it isn't on the options tab either)

Mr Mustard didn't confirm but went back to the start and tried to pay for 10,080 minutes. The system wouldn't let him pay for more than the maximum daily chargeable amount of 630 minutes so how the letter writer managed to pay for seven days is a complete mystery, he certainly wasn't using the app (unless it has since been fixed), perhaps there is a hole in the text system?

Mr Mustard then tried at 6.06pm to pay for 120 minutes and the system correctly refused payment and would only charge for 30 minutes and told him the expiry time was 8am the next morning so at least that is correct.

The point of this blog posting is for you to go away now and check your charges. You can do it online here and if you have been overcharged you can sort that out by phoning or emailing based upon these contact details.

Do put a comment at the bottom if you too have been overcharged and how, if you can work that out.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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