18 October 2013

North Finchley cafe invites seniors to "Supper and Songs"

North Finchley's Cafe Buzz has launched a musical supper club for seniors - Supper and Songs. A special discounted menu will be accompanied by a selection of classic songs in a bid to create a friendly place for older residents to eat healthy food and meet new people

Supper and Songs is a joint project created by Age UK Barnet and Cafe Buzz. It is a new initiative to bring people together around delicious, affordable food in a friendly atmosphere where they can eat to the music they loved in their younger days.

The first Supper and Songs is at 5 pm on Monday October 28 - traditional meal and coffee will cost £6 


for a full dinner with soup and pudding, Supper and Songs will cost £9.

Cafe Buzz owner Helen Michael said: "I was delighted when approached about this. It's hard to prepare real nutritious food when you're older and I'm excited about turning the cafe into a place where older people can feel at home."

Managing the scheme at Age UK Barnet is Karen Williamson: "We find that older people can fall into poor eating habits at home. This is a perfect way to both improve their diet and offer a chance to make new friends."

For more information call Cafe Buzz on 020 8446 9906.

So if you have £6 or £9 to spare and know an old person who would enjoy an evening out then why not book them a place and pay for it and/or give them a lift there and back. 

Yours frugally (and dinner for £6 with entertainment is pretty frugal) 

Mr Mustard


  1. Pity it cannot start a little later in the evening when parking restrictions have ended.

  2. You are quite correct Anon that parking restrictions in the High Road are, for no good reason, until 6.30pm but luckily in the side roads, such as Percy Rd adjacent to Cafe Buzz, the restrictions finish at 5pm after which time the residents bays are available (but not the single yellows which are till 6.30pm unless they have a different time plate)


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