23 March 2012

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Go-ahead for new FOI system

Thursday, 22 March 2012 11:51 Schroder, Johnathan
Implementation plans for a new FOI system are well underway and the Standards and Information Rights Team are working hard to ensure a smooth transition.

The new case management system (iCasework) will be a welcome and much-needed improvement to the handling of cases and will assist the council in achieving the Corporate Plan target of responding to 90% of requests for information received under the FOI Act within statutory timeframes.

iCasework will make better use of resources and:

• allow active monitoring of deadlines
• improve management reporting
• provide greater transparency with an automated disclosure log
• improve data quality.

All Link Officers have received the necessary training and managers, assistant directors and directors are being asked to support their Link Officers during this transition period.

The new system, integrated with the soon to launch new corporate website, will also enable FOI responses to be published on the council's website when they are sent.


Changes are underway in the Governance Service. Look out for news on the launch of the new Committee Papers system, coming soon.

Executive summary:

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  1. We were recently castigated by the audit commission for having too many stand alone systems that do not integrate with others. Here comes another one...
    Sorry people of Barnet, we as officers are stuck with things almost as bad, if not worse in some cases, as you are. The worst of it is that soon under the outsourcing dogmania going on here, you'll have even less say in how things are run.

    The only course I can suggest is that next time there's an election you take the opportunity to rid yourselves of the imbeciles "you" voted in last time... What's the quote? "For evil to flourish, it is only necessary that good men do nothing?"

    It is so depressing working here these days, morale is at an all time low, there is no leadership at director or assistant director level and no inclination to make decisions that will improve things because it will jeopardise both the bids being made and their own positions post the handover.

    although with the way things have been here for the last three years or so, the private sector probably can't balls it up any more than the senior management here have....


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