28 March 2012

Dear Mrs Angry - you were right

The council are also clearing out 2000 surplus staff?

Mr Mustard knows that Mrs Angry will repay his praise with a right verbal slapping but that's all part of the fun. Better than when you wield that ping pong paddle Mrs A although the negligee is rather fine.

Mr Mustard must stop and have a cold shower. Rather hot under his collar today.

Now where was he? ah, here, with a letter to Mrs Angry.

Dear Mrs Angry

You have been saying all along that BT were a racing certainty for the NSCSO contract ( New Support & Customer Service Organisation for the uninitiated ) worth something approaching £250m over 10 years + a possible 2 year extension doubtless.

Now I have been hiding at the back of the conference room when the bidders have been in town (actually I slipped a bug into the  room when we checked the councillors' declarations, such as they were) and as you know Crapita get 4 faults for a refusal every time they are led to the Chair - actually that isn't quite true as they don't know where the chairs are going to be. They possibly could open an office at Aintree as the Liverpool area has recently been suffering from high unemployment which equals low wages which equals the bottom feeders arrive.

Now don't tell anyone but you should slip along to Paddy Power (why were you going to William Hill given your ancestry? ) and put your bet on BT to win the contract because they have answered the location question.

BT have said that the location will be within Barnet for at least the first two years. Hurrah.

BT have said there will be no compulsory redundancies. Hurrah again.

BT may have some spare offices in Colindale. Polite applause.

The staff didn't give BT a standing ovation but they are much more impressed with BT than they are with Crapita.

I'll see you down the bookies then in half an hour?

With bloggerly best wishes

Mr Mustard


  1. But, as we know, Mr M, the staff - and the residents - don't get to decide - anything!

    You're right though, these announcements might make the whole thing politically more palatable and get the Tories past the May election and even up to the 2015 council election without any embarrassing offshoring.

    I'm sure there will be other considerations as well. Let's face it, BT and senior Barnet staff have been that close for so long that they would all know what to say to smoothe the path.

  2. Correction - 2014 for next borough council elections: it only feels like forever, it isn't really.

  3. hmm. Just seen this. Of course I like any post that points out that I was right, which clearly I always am, & as Citizen Barnet says, the lure of two years guarantee of local employment to get past the sensitive election period is very clever. The closeness of Barnet to BT is undoubtedly an advantage, although Capita probably is awfully keen to make a case for taking both bundles of services. I only ever bet on outsiders, and there never have been any in this tender. The truth is that the final choice has been made long ago, and it is up to residents to speculate as to whether this decision was ever going to be made with their best interests at heart.

    There. Hope that was as effective as a cold shower.

  4. To be honest the way HR patrolled the Capita 'meet the bidder' to the laid back not seen version of BT's makes it seem like something is off. Who's the fool? the fool or the fool that follows him? I wonder what Barnet is really up to.

    Capita came in first and seemed all grr arghh no sweeteners, well ok some jelly beans. Then in waltz BT full of free broadband, 2 yrs in borough and we need you as the people and expertise to make this work. We really want to invest in the STAFF!

    The order they were seen was arranged by Barnet, I wonder if we were given stick pre carrot.. but neither seemed aware of the HUGE Hack and Slash about to be bomb shelled on Rev's and Bens next week. They were interested in this and how Barnet doesn't value its employees and doesn't listen to its expertise.

    I will wait and see what Barnet has up its sleeve but for those in Revs and Bens it wont be an Easter Bunny.

  5. Has anyone asked the bidders about home-working. That would be a win-win. Saves on cost for the employer and on travel time and expense for the homeworker. If you only have to pop in once a fortnight then where the office is located would not matter as much.

    Fuel strike: no problem.


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