10 March 2012

Happy Birthday Mr Mustard - Today you are 1

Those nice people at Barnet Council even sent a cake.
Little did Mr Mustard think that his 1st birthday would come round so soon. As well as the surprise cake left on his doorstep this morning, how thoughtful, there was a letter from the Mayor's office. Gosh, the Mayor must be so busy as she didn't have time to sign it herself and left it to her secretary to sign.

Here it is

sorry that the blue paper does not scan very well
If you can't read it clearly, the nub of the answer is that "the nomination made on your behalf did not meet the criteria required." That makes it sound like Mr Mustard wrote out the forms and someone else submitted them which is not the case. Mr Mustard has not seen any of the nominations.

The failure to "meet the criteria required" is a convenient escape for the Mayor from awkward nominations as the only published criteria are "We are looking for individuals living or working within Barnet who deserve recognition for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the borough."

Mr Mustard's fans have told him they think that his contribution to rooting out the fine detail of money being wasted in the borough, and to shining a light on the low level of democracy, has vastly improved the openness and transparency agenda and does deserve recognition but there we go. Maybe a reader will nominate Mr Mustard again next year?

Now to the year ahead. Mr Mustard is now out of nappies and can crawl around unaided and will soon be walking and talking. Look out Barnet Council.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

73,445 page views in year one. Thank you everybody.


  1. And many happy returns, to you, Mr Mustard. Your relentless drive for efficiency this past year has brought many scandalous misdeeds by our council to light which would otherwise never have seen the light of day. And your adding up is very good too. Mrs Angry x

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr Mustard.

    I'm sure all the Barnet Cabinet and Senior Officers wish you - well, perhaps we can leave that unsaid.

    You could modify that comment:
    "Barnet Council's competence, made by them on behalf of the borough's residents, does not meet the criteria required."

  3. Happy birthday, Mr M. Don't mind about Barnet council, you are casting your pearls before swine with that lot. Still, it's a nice letterhead, isn't it?

  4. Well done Mr Mustard. A year can seem like a lifetime

  5. Congratulations Mr Mustard - keep up the real auditing of Barnet.

    As for the Civic Award, you are just the next in line in Barnet Council's apparent drive to get EVERY decision, EVERY time, WRONG!


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