30 April 2011

Non-job #6.6 ? Head of Insight's empire

There are probably more spare bodies in the Insight empire as the headcount is 6.6 people ! ( see earlier blog )

The Gazetteer Officer has real work to do as follows :-
  • To manage and maintain both the Corporate Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) database, the Corporate Street Gazetteer (LSG) and Highway Register, being responsible for both accuracy and currency.
  • To perform duties as required to fulfil the responsibilities of the Council’s LLPG and LSG Custodian roles
  • To build and maintain strong collaborative working arrangements with the Council’s Street Naming & Numbering function, and with relevant services across the council, to ensure standards and conventions for the LLPG are adhered to
  • Work collaboratively across the Insight team support the effective commissioning of services to deliver the outcomes Barnet residents expect
And as if often the case this person has the lowest salary in the department (empire), a mere £25-£30k.

Now as for the Geographic Data Analyst there is a much more BarnetOneSpeak "purpose of job"

To manage the Council’s corporate geographic data and other related datasets through the implementation of a corporate spatial data warehouse in order that data is stored in and accessed from one dedicated source creating efficiencies and allowing more holistic analysis.
To support the Corporate GIS Manager in the management and delivery of the Council’s Corporate Geographic Information Systems (on both the Internet and Intranet) and increase the scope of self service analysis across the Council and its partners to help achieve a one public service agenda and delivery efficiency savings
Use spatial data to support the Head of Insight and Corporate GIS Manager to develop research and analysis which enable effective commissioning of services which deliver the outcomes Barnet residents expect

I hope you followed that Councillors or did you lose your way in the spatial data warehouse ? Is it time you got a bit more interested in the number, salaries and duties of all of the staff that are employed by the Council behind the scenes ? Answers on a postcard ( in the case of the leader.... )

The Insight department costs about £220,000 in salaries alone to run. Adding overheads probably doubles that. It's time for some pruning and the money saved could be spent on Church Farmhouse Museum.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

Anyone want to guess how many posts it might be possible to cut from back office without affecting front line services one iota ?


  1. Holistic analysis! how about tracking down the non job responsible for inventing and describing these posts?

    What we should rememember is that it is this insight team which was, I seem to recall, responsible for the infamous ideas website where ideas magically appeared sugggesting ways in which other jobs could be replaced by Big Society/One Barnet volunteers, inviting staff to move on because 'they knew they weren't doing a good job at Barnet' and so on. I believe my suggestion inviting the same practice be extended to the Insight team never saw the light of day, for some reason.

  2. I try not to swear in my blogs but I think you have summed this empire up nicely.


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