30 April 2011

Is this non-job #5 - " Consultation & Insight Officer "

So here is the job description for this "job" with my comments in red as usual.
  • To support staff across the council in developing coherent consultation and engagement activity with residents, to deliver the council’s objective of a ‘New relationship with citizens’ as part of Future Shape ( great, only required to support staff, don't actually have to do any work & you wouldn't develop incoherent consultations now would you ? )
  • To organise and take responsibility for the bi-annual place and staff surveys ( the identity of anyone who leaks these will be kept confidential - the reports will be really interesting )
  • To share best practice in consultation and engagement activities with staff across the council, in collaboration with the Internal Comms Manager ( Internal Communications Manager ! - I feel another non-job coming on )
  • To work in collaboration with other members of the Insight Team to provide qualitative and quantitative data and insight that contributes to Barnet Council’s understanding of its residents, service users and citizens. ( if Barnet Council understood its residents at all it wouldn't take away wardens from old folks, hike parking and allotment charges, remove parking meters, employ bully boy security guards, try and outsource everything, pay officers more than £100k p.a., put up Councillors' allowances etc etc - add your own items in the comments box please )  

So that looks like another £35-£40k that could usefully be saved.

The incumbent appears to have been at Barnet since she left Middlesex University 12 years ago. It might be time for her to go and try the real world ? It would be awful to go through life thinking that the goings on at Barnet Council were normal.

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  1. looks like you may have had someone from this team visiting your poll, Mr M ... as for this job, do you know, I think in many ways I have been fulfilling these job specifications for Barnet, and am owed a sizeable part of this salary for my efforts ...


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