6 April 2011

Gravy train. Column #1 of 8

Most people know how many chiefs there are at Barnet Council but I still thought it might be worthwhile to blog about them. The snag is that the "corporate structure chart" is so big that it won't fit into one blog. Here is a link to it.


I am going to blog just one column at a time. At the top is Nick Walkley on a mere £200,976 per annum . How does he get by ?

So the first column of the structure is Adult Social Services.

Adult Social Services 
 Kate Kennally 
 Acting Director of
Adult Social Services

Alison Kemp Associate Director – Partnerships and Planning
paid by Barnet PCT

£75,000 - £80,000

Glynnis Joffe 
 Acting Deputy Director of Adult Social Services

Mathew Kendall 
 Assistant Director Transformation and Resources

You would feel transformed by a salary of £91,215 wouldn't you ?

So there we are, just £420,997 for the first column of 8 on the interim corporate structure chart. 

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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