19 September 2021

The Mystery at White Hart Lane

The mystery has nothing to do with Premier League football.

It has to do with why traffic wardens issue a PCN to one car and not to another one which is more badly parked.

In this case the traffic warden has arrived by riding past a whole line of cars parked on double yellows and then stopped, ticketed 3 vehicles on a single yellow and then left again and ridden for a second time past vehicles on the same double yellow lines as if no contravention had occurred.

Thus the drivers who would be viewed as less guilty of wrongful parking get ticketed and the more serious ones park as they please (Mr Mustard doesn't believe for a moment that they all had a blue badge, the traffic warden wouldn't see those without a brief stop at each windscreen and the date of validity would need to be checked).

Mr Mustard wonders why the traffic warden zoomed off? He hears you think that it was because he got a call from his base on the radio to go somewhere else urgently. That is possible but the odd thing is that Mr Mustard was at the same place last week and the same thing happened except that on 12 September there were 4 traffic wardens studiously ignoring vehicles parked on the double yellows. All very odd.

There is a car boot sale going on at the Haringey Borough FC ground at this section of White Hart Lane. Is that part of the mystery?

Mr Mustard

sorry about the mark on the windscreen, now cleaned.


  1. Obviously they are councillors and council officials cars parked on the DYLs, What other explanation can there be ?

  2. Possible but not probable in my view.


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