18 February 2021

Lewisham lose


A long battle which ended up with an order for disclosure.

One wonders why the council fought for so long to keep the cctv of one of their own vehicles out of the public domain as the image of the driver wasn't likely to be that clear, their name was already known, and a pixellated version could easily have been supplied at the time of first request.

The bigger question is what the council were up to sending a PCN to themselves, a monumentally pointless PCN which involves taking money out of the council's left pocket and putting it into the right one. All this time and expense wasted.

1 comment:

  1. Isn't paying the PCN putting money out of the tax payers pocket and into the pocket of whatever company the council uses to enforce their PCNs? [assumption on my part that it is privatised]...apologies if not...


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