17 February 2021

High Barnet - PVC banners - Perfectly visible carbuncles

Mr Mustard is grateful for the reminder by the Barnet Residents Association (and no, it doesn't use an apostrophe) of which he is a member, of the planning application he had seen for numerous ugly & intrusive PVC banners along Chipping Barnet High Street in EN5, parts of which are in conservation areas.

There would be 81 of the blighters (as in visual blight, a pox on our ancient High Street) if the applicant, Bay Media Ltd, get their way. This is what they look like:

They are most definitely not suitable for an ancient town centre and we should be ridding the borough of as much advertising material as we can as it ruins the view of trees, the sky and old buildings and so on.

Mr Mustard went to the planning portal to add his comments and found that quite a few people had got there before him. Here are the first and last comments which give you the flavour:


Please do add your voice to the clamour against this cheap commercialisation of our historic town centre.

Tastefully yours

Mr Mustard

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