23 October 2019


Lots of things go on at the council which employees are not happy with. It could be damaging for their career to go to their line manager or higher if that is where the problem sits. Barnet's bloggers always like to know what is going on so you can send them paperwork in confidence knowing that the source will not be revealed. One way of stopping your identity from coming out is by using an anonymous email address which disappears without trace not long after you have used it so even Mr Mustard won't know who you are so cannot possibly reveal your identity.

Here is a possible provider of a temporary email address and lots more are available with an internet search but don't use the council computer to do this. Don't leave a trail either by sending yourself a spreadsheet or other computer document. A printout scanned off site would be safest.

Mr Mustard is equally happy to hear from any current or former employee of a supplier to the council such as Capita or NSL if there is skulduggery afoot.

Regular readers will remember this story, the £2million fraud, and a not all that quick follow up has revealed further problems, the full details of which are not yet in the public domain. This from a report going to the Audit Committee on 30 October.

If you know what has been going on do feel free to send an email to mrmustard@zoho.com
or you can post documents to him at 21 Carnarvon Rd, Barnet EN5 4LX

The council should not be allowed to sweep things under the carpet. They are spending our money.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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