21 October 2019

Amazing coincidence

When your PCN reaches the tribunal Barnet Council often put into evidence (at item C) their processing notes. The notes can be revealing as to the thinking which goes on.

In this case two different back office workers put the same notes, displaying an identical choice of words, on the same file a week apart.

Anyone would think that there is a set of ready typed rejection notes to try and make out that deep thought has been given to the representations rather than a standard formulaic rejection.

Of course there wasn't a permit on display. The motorist had just parked and popped to a nearby property to obtain a visitor parking voucher. The council are rejecting the representations because the permit/voucher was not on display from the very first second of parking. Mr Mustard is sure that he has previously written about the preposterous attitude of the council in this matter and he will keep on doing do until some common sense is bashed into the back office and/or management.

Civil Enforcement Officers don't ensure anything except that a whole load of PCNs will be issued by them every day. Permits are no longer displayed as 99% of them are now electronic records.

No-one was arguing that the Owner wasn't liable (if anyone is).

Saying that a permit was being obtained isn't mitigation, it is a direct challenge to the legitimate issue of the PCN.

Mr Mustard hadn't seen this attitude from Barnet Council for a while and now he has two similar cases in both of which the observation time by the traffic warden was zero minutes.

Do not pay if you were genuinely obtaining a Visitor Voucher but ask Mr Mustard for help (mrmustard@zoho.com)

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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