10 April 2019

Double trouble at Barnet Council

Thank the Right Hon Eric Pickles MP (as was) for this helpful law
Mr Mustard's client paid for parking up until 10:40 for the correct bay and vehicle.

A traffic warden wandered along at 10:42 and issued a PCN at 10:43. Even a vulture waits until you are dead & rotting a bit before they it your eyes out.

The motorist contacted the council and pointed out that 10 minutes must elapse before a PCN can be issued (although technically you are in contravention).

So, the traffic warden having made an error by pouncing on his/her prey early, the back office, (probably NSL in Scotland somewhere) compounded the error by rejecting a perfectly valid challenge.

Councils are meant to uphold the law not breach it. Do you suppose they are blinded by their relentless pursuit of revenue?

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. Until some officials go to jail for wanton lying like this, the situation will continue. The worst aspect is it makes them more money if they behave like this.

  2. The Civil Enforcement of Parking
    Contraventions (England) General
    Regulations 2007


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