14 August 2018

Sneaky Sunday charging

Sunday charging for parking not far from Finchley Central tube has quietly been introduced (almost opposite the Sainsbury's Local). Mr Mustard doesn't know if that policy change was consulted on or not. The old bay 9045 was split and the new bay 59117 created, a bay that is at times only for loading and at others you can pay to park there. The sort of bay that causes confusion, especially when you know that almost every other bay in Finchley Church End is payable Monday - Saturday only.

Here is the traffic order which introduced the new bay:

What strikes Mr Mustard as bizarre is that in front of the building (Gateway House) you have to pay to park on a Sunday and down the side of the building, you don't.

You know what to do? Park almost anywhere else.

It is possible that this was a drafting error by the Design Team, the change wasn't by design, boom boom.

As ever keep your eyes open and read the sign every time you park even if you think you know what it says, it may have changed.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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