26 July 2018

Exmouth Market, a cabbie, a disabled passenger & a £130 PCN.

Here is a tribunal report in which the adjudicator stretched his application of the law to breaking point to cancel the PCN & good on him.

Rather than just letting one PCN go by the board Islington Council wanted their pound of flesh from the cabbie, a Mr Stephen Bullock. Mr Mustard usually anonymises the names of the affected parties but they are public anyway in the register of the tribunal and he thinks Mr Bullock is such a kind man that his name should be known. You haven't made the world a better place Islington Council, you have written out an unhelpful Traffic Management Order and should consider the due adjustment required under the Equality Act for the disabled. How are they to get to destinations within Exmouth Market if they can't walk more than a short distance? The same goes for many pedestrian zones.

The decision was reviewed by a different adjudicator and had to be overturned. The adjudicator could have recommended to Islington Council that they didn't collect the penalty even having won but as they had asked for a review of the decision the fact of their cold heart was already evident.

The cost of being kind for the cabbie was £130.

Don't you want to sit down with the people who decide if a parking ticket should be cancelled or not with some people in wheelchairs and get them to justify their decision making sometimes?

There are standard exemptions that can be added to the sign for blue badge holders, taxis and for access. Islington Council need to look at this again but they appear to prefer the income.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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