15 March 2016

Clear and unambiguous? No.

Watch yourself in St. Martin's Lane
The City of Westminster have just rejected a PCN challenge that this sign is ambiguous.

The motorist concerned parked on a Saturday.

Westminster state that the sign is 'clear and unambiguous' despite it containing a set of restricted times and days and then a conflicting 'at any time' restriction. In consumer law, ambiguity is construed against the causer.

It will be a while before an adjudicator gets to see this case and once they make a decision Mr Mustard will report back to you.

For sign experts this is meant to be a variant of 661A which it would be if it hadn't introduced overlapping restrictions that make the sign a nonsense (and a legal nullity).

Read the sign, the whole sign and if in doubt, park somewhere else where the rules are simpler.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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