30 November 2012

The Friday Joke - Robert Rams

As some of the text is not all that clear you might find the following text to be helpful:

Former Leader Councillor Brian Salinger tried to obtain details of the visits
“When the visits carried out who went on them and what did they learn from them? None of that is contained in here, six pages is desk top research. What members here are looking for are, what have you learnt from meeting up with councils face to face?
To Councillor Rams he asked “Which of these have you visited?
Councillor Rams replied
I haven’t visited any of the sites, just by not visiting does not mean you are not learning from your officers and desktop research”
Chair of Business Management Overview & Scrutiny Committee Councillor Hugh Rayner intervened and said:
“In fairness councillor Rams all we have here is a list of visits it doesn’t say whether they were for one hour, one day, one week, it doesn’t say when they were there, it doesn’t say what benefit we got from them, it doesn’t say who went, how detailed whether it was one person or a team, it’s so sketchy its absolutely useless I’m afraid”
He followed again by saying:
“I think the most important thing is to know what you learnt from each of them, for instance if you went on a visit and you found contracting out wasn’t a good idea maybe that should be noted, that they considered it was not a good idea and but here we don’t know.”

This reminds Mr Mustard of friends and colleagues who have been away on honeymoon. You find yourself asking if they have had a nice time, as if anything else could have been the result of a week or a fortnight of amour, and they say "very nice thank you".

And then Mr Mustard found himself thinking about Robert Rams and his recent nuptials ( yes, a hideous thought but there you go) and asking him, "how was the honeymoon Robert?" and this is of course a very important partneship along the lines of One Barnet but with less money involved and with less complications if things go wrong and Robert replying, "well all right you know but I relied on an officer for the hard parts!" (That was the Friday joke in case you missed it).

Mr Mustard apologises for any terrible images that are currently scurrying around your brain.

Please look at this calming image for a while until you are back to normal.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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