27 November 2012

Bad news by powerpoint

Now that Mr Mustard is an honorary member of Revs & Bens he gets the briefings that are given to staff. They do not console him one iota. All he wants to know is does he have a job in Barnet or is he to be exiled to Blackburn with Darwen which is the major uncertainty under which he will have to live for months and then be made redundant. His work will suffer as will his health.  Staff Bidder Briefing - Customer Services and Revs and Bens - 221112

Why does the council continue to reply on a graph that has been discredited in order to justify its actions. Is that the best justification there is? a fictional graph full of unsupported assumptions which Mr Reasonable has shown to be a nonsense. 

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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