29 May 2012

Two wheel moorings

Mr Mustard has just had a break from Barnet Council and spent a few sunny days on his motorbike travelling down to the French Ardennes and to Chimay in Belgium ( the fact that Chimay is the home of the Chimay brewery is entirely coincidental)

Mr Mustard has stayed at Two Wheel Moorings a handful of times and feels like he is home when he is there although High Barnet does not have the luxury of the river Meuse going through it. He promised to give the 5 room biker hotel a plug in the blog in case you have 2 wheels and fancy a trip. It's easy to get to Dun-sur-Meuse in a day even if you don't leave home until 9am.

the hotel itself
This is their website

Dun-sur-Meuse is a lovely small village to visit

There are lots of First World War monuments in the area if that is your thing. Montfaucon has 234 steps up to the viewing platform which some mad fool in motorbike boots, leather trousers and bike jacket climbed even though he suffers from vertigo and it was over 30°C.


Normal blogging service will now be resumed.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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