31 May 2012

Let's play 20 questions in Brunswick Park ward today

Today the residents of Brunswick Park have to choose a new councillor. They might find Shaheen Mahmood on their doorstep (if you see a black Mercedes estate rolling up, it could be her). The prospective councillor will want to tell you how fantastic her team have been and what she is going to do for the ward (not much according to leaflets and letters seen by Mr Mustard). She needs to be tested a little. Here are some questions you could ask.

Please can you explain the One Barnet programme to me.

Do you think public parks should be hired out for private events?

Do you think parking meters should be available so that people can pay with cash or a credit card on the spot (especially the old who may not have a mobile phone)?

What do you think of the MetPro scandal?

What do you think of RM Countryside not having had a contract?

What do you think of Barnet Council being fined £70,000 in May 12 for losing data about vulnerable children?

Do you think Brunswick Park library should remain closed or be opened again? 

Which bus do I have to take to get to Tally Ho?

Why did it take 2 years and 4 months to start rebuilding work on the Brunswick Park Health centre ?

Do you think there are too many highly paid officers?

Is Nick Walkley worth £200,000 a year?

Do you think any Pelican crossings in the borough should be removed?

What would you try to change about the way the council is run?

Do you think you should perhaps walk around the ward rather than drive?

Should Lisa Rutter step down as she doesn't live in the ward?

If you want Brunswick Park ward car parks to be free why not all of them across the borough?

Please send any other questions, and answers you receive, to mrmustard@zoho.com or put them in the comments box.

If the answers are not satisfactory then you will want to vote for Andreas Ioannides, the Labour Party candidate. By all means ask him about what he would like to change but until Labour win more seats they can't achieve much.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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