6 April 2012

Your in the library (read it quickly, sorry)

The Palmer Pisspot (photo by Citizen Barnet)
Mr Mustard has just seen a tweet exchange between Mrs Angry and Dr Hines querying what it takes to be qualified to preside over Barnet Council's communications meltdowns (self inflicted). Here is the job description. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the job was for one year only and here we are 2 years later with the Tooting Twister still twisting for all he is worth (not much I hear you cry).

Assistant Director - Communications
Pull the job and the person spec. apart at your leisure.

Mr Mustard couldn't see anything in the description about stopping members of the public from taking a leak (bloggers are good with leaks, keep them coming but not in a bucket thank you).

Mr Mustard could see "Promote a positive image of the council and the borough" so that is a big fat fail by Chris "don't spend a penny" Palmer aka The Tooting Twister.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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