13 April 2012

Roger's pop-up! (no, a library silly)

Here is a copy of an email that Roger Tichborne of the Barnet Eye has sent to all councillors (Roger is dyslexic so makes small spelling errors for which I hope he will forgive Mr Mustard his two corrections - the understanding of what Roger wrote was not in any way affected but Mr Mustard's own pedantic nature forces him to edit ).

Dear Barnet Councillor,
You are cordially invited to the official opening of the worlds very first Pop Up Library at Friern Barnet on Saturday 14th April. This will give you a chance to meet the people of Barnet and discuss how passionately they feel about the provision of local library services and why Barnet Council should be expanding and not closing libraries.
We will be making a film of the days activities and we will be asking local councillors and members of the public to tell us why they love their libraries, what their fondest memories of their library are and why they need a LOCAL library.
The Barnet Eye looks forward to seeing you at this truly unique event. With the forthcoming GLA elections, we hope that councillors of all parties take the opportunity to meet members of the public in a relaxed and happy environment and listen to their views

Roger Tichborne
The Barnet Eye 
You may have to talk amongst yourselves as it seems unlikely that any councillor who voted to close this library will be brave enough to attend, or will they?

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