29 April 2012

Democracy has odd features - listen up in postcode N20

Here in Barnet we have a Cabinet Member for the Environment whose decisions on parks, parking and the roads have repercussions for the entire population and the businesses of Barnet.

Mr Mustard is of course referring to Brian Coleman, a councillor in Totteridge ward.

Brian has increased parking charges by a percentage that was way in excess of inflation last year with some charges increasing by 300% from £1 to £4.

Brian has also made it more difficult to pay the parking charges with pay-by-phone, the introduction of which was bulldozed into place. Perfectly usable parking meters have been scrapped. At the very least they could have been retained in car parks.

Now Brian is reviewing all pelican crossings which the old and disabled find very helpful. The details are here.

Brian also wants despite vehement majority opposition to rent public parks out for private functions.

Mr Mustard could list lots more unpopular decisions that Brian has made but it is easier to refer you to John Baldy's website which lists 101 reasons to sack Brian Coleman.

Now as Mr Mustard does not live in Totteridge Ward but in Chipping Barnet he never had the chance to vote for Brian but is stuck with him all the same.

There are, according to the council's 2011 State of the Borough report ( in a right state ) 349,800 residents in Barnet. There must therefore be something in the range of 275,000 to 300,000 voters. How many people in Totteridge voted Brian into power. Just 3,705 and thanks to the spineless other elected councillors he gets a top job and goes power crazy. This is an odd feature of democracy. 

Mr Mustard thinks there must be a better way.

Whilst on the subject of Brian he is also up for re-election to the London Assembly, where he represents Barnet & Camden, and voting is on Thursday 3rd May. Mr Mustard will not be voting for Brian which means that to do the maximum damage to Brian's chances he has to vote for the former MP Andrew Dismore, Labour. If you did the same Brian's power base would be greatly reduced. He would then be just another local councillor and maybe the "leader" Richard Cornelius, who has recently shown a tiny glimpse of backbone ( crossed out "working with councillors" and substituted "working for councillors" in a document that the officers wrote ) will be brave enough to have a reshuffle of his team.

Ken or Boris - the choice is yours (there are other candidates apparently!). Mr Mustard will be using his second preference for the Green Party.

Just let's rid ourselves of Brian locally.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. I hope someone can provide you with a photo of Brian, a day or two ago, apparently trying to get shopkeepers to take down Anti-Brian posters from their shops.

    That would be priceless.


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