20 May 2011

It's all in the detail

A friend of Mr Mustard has spent a long time looking at the over £500 spending list published by Barnet Council. Two particular entries offended his eye, and he has cut and paste the supplier name straight from the Council's record.

Birish Telecommunications Plc which appears 5 times in May & October 2010 with a total spend of £272,464

Of course, Birish Telecommunications Plc does not exist and this is bound to be British Telecommunications Plc or "BT" as they advertise themselves.

You would think that someone in accounts payable, or someone in finance who must review the list of supplier payments in advance of release, or anyone at all at the Council who might have seen this name in a report somewhere, might just have been bothered to go back and correct this as it is just sloppy, lazy or uncaring. If you can't get the name of one of the biggest companies in the land correct, what can you get right ?

I expect you know about the school posters in Barnet that read as follows:-
"Our school’s are amongst the top performing in the country." 
for the full story. Schools are still getting Barnet Council into bother.

Barnet Council made 8 payments totalling £216,388 between June 2010 and February 2011 to the:-

Beth Jacob Grammer School for Girls

We often hear the call to "Bring back Grammar Schools" ; well someone at Barnet Council needs to go back to school, or maybe they never went ?

Come on Barnet, please pay attention to the fine detail. There will be a lot of it in those One Barnet private sector contracts that suppliers' well educated lawyers will be trying to slip past you.

Yours, with an eye for detail

Mr Mustard


  1. Oh dear: what an unfortunate slip of the pen, and what a shame that it concerns BT, such an important company.

  2. ps the word verification was 'menstros'. It is true that I am feeling a bit tetchy today.


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