7 May 2011

Are there too many people at Barnet Council ?

Judging by the number of Barnet Council people at the second workshop to consider the future of allotments I would say so. You can decide by looking at this copy slide from the workshop itself.

•Welcome to NLBP

LBB Officers

  1. Lynn Bishop – Assistant Director
  2. Jonathan Tunde-Wright – Change & Innovation Manager
  3. Paul Lawrence – Head of Insurance
  4. George Church – Principal Valuer
  5. Joshua Stanton – Project Support Officer
  6. Elee Amoa – Project Support Officer
  7. Jenny Warren – Greenspaces Manager
So the future of allotments that want to self manage is that largely they will look after their own affairs. 

Does it really take 7 officers to cast them adrift ? including an Assistant Director on £88,986 a year.
It does in Barnet, but should it ?
What would a commercial company do ? not this.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

More about the allotment consultation here 


  1. One day I will write a book. Barnet Council and the art of Bolloxology

  2. Perhaps the council should employ a new person to evaluate whether the organisation is over staffed?

  3. Don't give them ideas Dave - the Council have enough bad ideas of their own.


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