4 May 2011

Is this non-job #7 - " Internal Communications Manager "

Why oh why oh why do internal communications require the services of a dedicated officer ? Can't the people who deal with external communications, or media or PR or whatever you want to call it, also disseminate information internally. Can't the management of each section brief the other management and they then brief their own staff. Couldn't Mr Walkley put the key information in his weekly rah rah email ( I have seen one, it was deadly dull )

So, here is the purpose of the job ( my comments in red ) :-

To develop and implement a strategy for engaging all employees in achieving the corporate priorities through highly effective internal communications. ( highly ineffective internal communications wouldn't work would they now ! the words "highly effective" are superfluous; just like much of the management at Barnet)
To support major projects in the delivery of key messages across the council. ( You're fired! )

That's it. 

DPR #619 started this "job" off in August 08 on spinal column points 47-50. By some subtle adjustment the job is now rated at Barnet Broad Band Spinal Column Points 49-52 ( it was a 2 year fixed term post which became permanent ). In real money terms that is £43,368 to £46,050. So that is over forty grand just to tell your colleagues what is going on where you work. Anyone think that is good value or even necessary ?

I asked the son of one of my friends about this "job"; he is bright, an A* 6th form student. 
What do you think to this job and told him what the role was. His response, I could do that. He fancied the starting salary; no need to go to University and get into debt. Safe! he said ( teenagers' vocabulary, good to know )
It made me think; yes, any teenager could do that; they communicate all the time and use the latest technology.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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