17 March 2011

I'm Angry - but I'm not Mrs Angry !

I'm angry with Barnet Council. My view is that they are profligate with money as they think there is an unlimited amount of it. My blogs are largely about money. The CPZ increases really got my goat and the complete lack of democracy at the Residents' Forum finished me off and so my blog started.

If you want more wide-ranging blogs about Barnet Council & Councillors in general then visit Mrs Angry's blog - no relation - she writes the blog I aspire to write - she has such a good sense of humour which has kept her sane despite the best attempts of Barnet Council



  1. (Just kidding. But Mrs A may get above herself.)

  2. Where's your blog then baarnett ?

  3. “Great bloggers have little comments upon their backs, to bite 'em. And little bloggers have lesser comments and so on, ad infinitum.”

  4. What makes you think I am sane? Where is the evidence? Baarnett, you cheeky monkey, you're banned from Broken Barnet. Again.


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