11 March 2011

Barnet CPZ Action

4065 residents can't be wrong, can they ?

When the increased parking & CPZ charges were proposed 4,065 residents signed a petition opposing them. When there are only about 10,000 Residents' car permits in issue that's a fairly upset proportion of the voters. Barnet Council know best, apparently; they just ignored the protest and voted the increase through.

Now we are looking for justice.

Tonight I went to the first meeting of the Barnet CPZ Action Group which is going to apply for a Judicial Review of the increases. So I found myself in a house in East Finchley with 40 other concerned residents from several CPZ zones and now we have a plan. We have an experienced litigation Solicitor and an Accountant leading the charge. We have a committee. We have people writing out cheques on the spot to kick-start the legal action. We have a publicity machine. We have fund raisers.

In the year to come owning a car is going to cost me £900 extra than my neighbour outside the zone just two streets away ( £100 for the car plus 200 * £4 per visitor ).

To stop this injustice I am writing out a cheque for £100 to "Barnet CPZ Action" and sending it to 88 Summerlee Gardens, London, N2 9QH

see also http://www.barnetcpz.blogspot.com/
If you have £100 you can spare please send it as above. Its a lot less than you will have to pay Barnet Council in the future.

If only Barnet Council had just increased the CPZ charges by the rate of inflation, all this commotion could have been avoided ( well at least they are bringing us together in a nice warm BigSociety way ). No wonder that barnet Council gets through £2,400,000 in legal fees in a year ?

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