10 March 2011

Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Part of me hoped that Barnet Council had woken up and that it was going to be hard work to find examples of waste to blog about.

I couldn't be more wrong.

Delegated Powers Report No 1280 has just come to my attention. Its dated 10 March 2011 and its signed by the Assistant Director for Assistant Chief Executive ( AD on a mere £104,673 ) . How many assistants does one Council need. I will now delegate the rest of my blog to the tea-maker's teabag squeezer's assistant to finish off for me - oh no, I forgot, I work for myself and so make my own tea.

Barnet Council must be asleep. They don't know if the residents are happy or not. Let's think about that shall we:-

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A packed and dissatisfied Council chamber at the full meeting, bully boy insolvent security guards required to keep Mr Toad from being heckled. Residents being denied the democratic right to attend, never mind to record, the meeting.
A judicial review of the CPZ charges almost ready to go.
Record attendances at Residents' Forums ( please use the apostrophe Barnet Council ) and not to tell Councillors how marvellous they are.
Grant Thornton's negative report on the Council's plans
Largest number of pothole claims in London
Huge protest against the removal of wardens for old people
etc etc

Residents are unhappy. You don't need a survey.

The Council's response. £30,000 set-up cost and then £20,000 per annum for general maintenance.

Let me save you £50,000+ Barnet Council.

You are a bunch of incompetent dunderheads not fit to run a party in a brewery, spending other people's money like drunken sailors, running scared of democracy and about to waste £50,000+.

I have minuted this report to check on in 2 years time when it will have sunk without trace and been replaced by another bone-headed £100k scheme

Don't do it. Councillor Rutter says " The Councillor is your friend" so instead collect the views of Councillors at no cost ( well apart from £1.2m in allowances ) as they are obviously close to residents and then see what needs doing.

Yours frugally
and flipping annoyed

Mr Mustard


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere, Mr Mustard. You are going to have your work cut out - the words “cost control” do not enter Barnet’s lexicon. Two years ago they spent £30,000 on a room booking system for North London Business Park. A quick search on the internet found a similar product for £1,000. But it’s not their money and they don’t care. Never have. Never will.

  2. hooray for Mr Mustard: keep up the good work ... soon there will be more bloggers than Tory voters in this borough, I predict ...
    I see the word verifcication is 'manias' ...!

  3. Wasting all this money, whilst threatening libraries and museums. Cretins, the lot of them.


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