8 October 2021

PCNs - Exercise of discretion - #3 Bexley


Here we are, the first substantive set of policies on discretionary cancellation. A reasonable number of policies covering some frequently encountered situations and a first offence policy widely applied (which is good).

Mr Mustard takes issue with policy 6 as it simply isn't a legal requirement that a CEO (traffic warden) sees boarding or alighting going on. If you have a young child and park around the corner from the school the CEO can come along, issue a PCN in 40 seconds and be gone, whilst the parent is around the corner or even inside the school gates as drop off has to be at the class room or some other official handover point.


1 comment:

  1. It has been said by Boris Johnson himself, not less, that when the powers for traffic-enforcement are rolled out to the rest of England that the law will be changed so that first offenders will get a warning. I have to say, I'll believe it when I see it although maybe this will be in some guidance document, to be ignored by venal and rapacious councils


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