22 March 2021

Barnet Hospital - ANPR - designed to cheat?

Mr Mustard doesn't get heavily involved in private parking charges as they can end up in the county court and he has no desire to spend half a day sitting around and he doesn't have audience rights without requesting them.

Sometimes though a friend wanders along with a demand which is so patently wrong and unreasonable that he has to put fingers, both of them, to keyboard.

Here are the images which were on the demand for £100

Let us call Mr Mustard's friend, Miss V. She was dropping her friend at the fracture clinic and then going back later to collect her, hospitals not liking extra people who aren't strictly necessary for medical or safety reasons, with the patient. Accordingly there were two or more other unseen photos both at around the same time as the two which were selected, which didn't prove that anyone was in any car park, staff or otherwise, for 1 hour and 52 minutes, Miss V (and her car) being safely at home enjoying a cup of tea and a read of the newspaper whilst she waited for a phone call.

Mr Mustard posted this letter off in the name of Miss V on 16 March.

Fast forward two days and Parking Eye have slammed the ANPR into reverse.

Their willingness to immediately cancel points to the veracity of the facts, there being two visits, not one and thus the alleged breach of contract did not take place and no parking charge was due.

If the same has happened to you, follow Mr Mustard's lead and demand all of your data. The interest of Parking Eye in your wallet or purse may rapidly wane.

ANPR is only as good as the way in which the data has been manipulated, clearly disgracefully in this instance in a one sided manner to suit their purpose of revenue raising.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard


  1. They never say "Oops sorry we were incompetent and got it wrong"...instead it's a mealy mouthed "the charge has been cancelled"...almost implying they're doing you a favour.

    Of course the best way to deal with these is to deny it [just say 'it's a double dip], and then if continue on with their letters do them for a breach of the DPA.[keeping and using your information for longer than necessary]....

  2. They're still playing this game?!

    I was treated in exactly the same way at Barnet Hospital in November 2016. I dropped someone off and returned to collect them a few hours later, only to then be accused of having parked without paying for the whole of that time.

    Similarly, after complaining, they rapidly threw in the towel. Even the wording is nearly the same.

    I took it further and complained to the DVLA on the grounds that ParkingEye clearly weren't behaving in a responsible manner with their penalty-fishing and that the DVLA was complicit in enabling them to do this.

    And the DVLA wrote a reply that answered none of my points, finishing up with the wonderful line that they cannot 'regulate directly the manner in which a parking management company is operated'. Which is patently untrue because if they refused to provide car owners' details to ParkingEye, I suspect that would fairly directly regulate their business practice and might lead to some improvements.

    The DVLA also said that they would not correspond with me further on this matter, which proved to be true because I did write back to them, and it's been four years, and I haven't had a reply yet!


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