15 March 2021

Barnet Council tell a motorist to commit a trespass!

Last year Mr Mustard noticed a new 'no motor vehicles' restriction coming into being. As the location was a cul-de-sac he didn't think many motorists would be caught out by it and consequently didn't tell his readers about it. It was in Childs Way at Temple Fortune.

This is it.

It isn't the traffic warden photobombing the shot who you need to be bothered about but the camera mounted high up on a pole on the other side of Finchley Road.

A teacher visiting the school for the first time on 17 February (which was during half term) got caught by turning into the road at about 9am.

They wrote in pointing out how hard the signs are to see and that they were a teacher and it was half term but they saw their representations rejected on the grounds that 'no motorist can miss it before turning into the road' (by 'it' the writer meant the signs, plural). Ha, well they can and they did, partly because you are focussed on turning the wheel at that point, braking, looking out for pedestrians, not for signs mounted close to the road and hidden on approach, by, ironically, the camera sign and not to mention the distraction of red signs which say there is a new road layout for social distancing and say nothing about the road being 'closed' to traffic at certain times.

Mr Mustard doesn't know how you get to be an 'authorised vehicle' just ask the council he supposes but that would need to be done in advance so if you were delivering, say, computers to the school for the first time you have got a long journey on the pavement to negotiate with the goods.

The writer, who was probably sat in Dingwall, or perhaps another NSL office but not in Barnet, gave out some advice for future visits.

How helpful, unless you happen to live in Crispin Mews and find you are now on the school run and the council recommend people create a short cut through your once peaceful private estate.

Barnet Council inciting a motorist to commit a trespass. Oh dear me no.

Mr Mustard has sent this case to a parking manager as although it is ripe for an Appeal to the independent tribunal, he thinks the manager might want to make a goodwill cancellation in all the circumstances.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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