20 June 2018

Exit packages - why so many for so long?

In any large organisation there will always be a few people who have to be 'let go' of for perfectly valid business reasons.  

If, however, there are c. 90 people leaving each year with a pay off, over a prolonged period of 6 years (& Mr Mustard did not look further back but expects the same sort of figures) then Mr Mustard thinks that something could well be wrong with recruitment, or management, or else the easy option is being taken as it isn't the council's money after all.

Of your hard earned pay, which you hand over to the council, a supposedly prudent organisation when it comes to the management of finance, £6,262,000 has been given to staff to just go home.

Perhaps the General Functions Committe might care to look at this area, or the Audit Committe, and sure as eggs is eggs, if they did so, exit packages would become less common.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

Whilst researching head count Mr Mustard stumbled upon this Freedom of Information response about the numbers dismissed.

and also found a recent headcount figure of 1711 which gives us a 5% chance of picking up an exit package, a one in twenty chance, much better than roulette.

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