7 November 2016

Brent Council raking over old PCN for every last penny

can you remember what you were doing on 5 June 2012?
This letter from Brent, which is probably one of hundreds or thousands of them, is a desperate attempt to raise revenue from PCN which the council have themselves neglected to chase in a timely manner.

They need to take heed of this adjudication decision (one of a dozen similar ones which Mr Mustard knows of) 

Mr Mustard will make a complaint to the monitoring officer.

What you should do if you get one of these missives is to write and demand the date and destination of every statutory document so that you can work out what went wrong in the process. If the council left your PCN to rot at any stage for more than 6 months they should follow the guidance of London Councils (and the adjudication decision which is persuasive) and write off the PCN.

You would be justified in filing a witness statement that you did not receive a document because you can't remember it from 4 years ago.

Is it just about the money? oh yes.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

p.s. The Court fee is £8 not £7. Brent could at least threaten for the correct amount.


  1. Somebody really must go to jail for this. OK, I know it won't happen, but this sort of thing needs to be stopped and some real penalties handed out to those responsible. I live in hope !!

  2. Great article. Thanks a lot. My son received a PCN from Brent Council last week dated 13th June 2013!!


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