18 October 2016

It is a long way to the parking meter

High Barnet Post Office is at 63/65 High St, EN5. Here is the sign which is outside of it (signs not facing the road is a defence you can run as are misleading signs).

All 3 signs require some attention.
To get to the parking meter at 85 High Road, N2 is going to take a while and doubtless you will be on foot, you don't move your car to go to the parking meter, you'll lose your space. It does give you the defence though that you had not paid as you had gone off in search of the meter using google maps as your guide.

In that time the traffic warden will, naturally, be issuing you with a PCN.

Of course what the traffic warden should be doing is straightening up the signs that are there (why don't they carry a small toolkit so they can make minor adjustments on the hoof?) is reporting the sign that is wrong. Mr Mustard shouldn't be the one who has to do it.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. Dear Mr Mustard, my name is Steve and I am seeking your help at Tribunal 27/10/16 in Enfield...your e mail seems not to find you.Please are you able to contact me?You come recommended from Bob.. I guess some encyrption is required but am guided by you...


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