17 October 2016

Double parked - double standards

Avoid double parking if you can
So Barnet Council issue a PCN for being double parked (Mr Mustard's client was alighting his sleeping son, observation time was a mere minute) whilst the car used to transport the traffic wardens, the white one with its headlights ablaze, is itself double parked.

They daren't go out on their own after dark. One takes photos, the other issues the PCN.

There is no exemption for the car which the traffic wardens drive to be double parked; the law is above. Is Mr Mustard the only person who thinks it is unattractive, a bad example, hypocritical & perverse for a traffic warden to commit the very contravention that he/she is issuing a PCN for?

There needs to be someone with the authority to force councils to behave rather than continue on their pillaging ways. Clearly the black car was not doing any harm. Move it forward a metre so the bumper is above the date stamp and it would not be in contravention.

Mr Mustard is not going to retire until the council start to behave in a decent manner. Don't hold your breath.

Yours frugally

Mr Mustard

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  1. An adjudicator once said "the council cannot break the law in order to enforce it" and cancelled a PCN. Appeal grounds of "procedural impropriety" I reckon, or "the penalty exceeded the relevant amount in the circumstances of the case".


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